My art school portfolio is a testament to my journey as a graphic design student in the San Diego State University School of Art and Design Graphic Design program. It showcases a dynamic range of projects that mirror my design education’s evolution and my artistic identity. Each piece reflects my dedication to storytelling through design and is not just a compilation of projects; it's a visual diary, capturing my exploration of diverse mediums, the fusion of aesthetics, and the unwavering passion that fuels my creative endeavors.

January 2014 - May 2016

Umqombothi is a traditional celebratory corn beer from South Africa. It has remained a family home brewing tradition for generation, and still is today. The concept of this project was to make this unique product modern, attractive, and fit for markets outside of the South African region, while reflecting the original cultural elements and traditional home brewed characteristic it is known for.
Unlocking the Lunar Gold Rush
Unlocking the Lunar Gold Rush is a project focused on presenting information about mining the moon to viewers through multiple forms of media. This project explains the extreme complexity of the process needed to actually mine the moon, as well as why it may become important to do so in the future.
City Heights Farmers Market
The goal of this project was to bring the community of City Heights together through the activities provided by the farmer’s market. This also brings people from outside the community to City Heights to enjoy the diverse community, and give the local farmers the ability to sell their produce to a wide audience.
Street Art App
The goal of the Street Art App is raise awareness for street art in a positive manner. The icon was designed to resemble a street sign, with the concept to communicate that street art can serve a positive functional purpose in society too. The app is designed to raise awareness by providing users with the ability to find and share street art from anywhere in the world.
Type & Curiosity
This is an exploration of the intricate beauty of typefaces and own curiosity. This book follows the narrative of Marian Bantjes’ Ted Talk presentation, Intricate Beauty by Design, where she explains her goal to invoke joy, wonder, and curiosity through her designs. This book also invokes joy and wonder while explaining the design of various fonts, their history, and how they can be used along with questions to spark curiosity. A life without curiosity is quite simply… boring, and it is the power of the curious mind that has made humans as advanced and as imaginative as we find ourselves today. This idea reflects the concept and origin of this book.
The Urban Reserve
The Urban Reserve is a wine product designed around a modern and unique packaging concept. The purpose of this original packaging is to bring a different approach to the very saturated wine market. This product design gives a traditional product the characteristics of modern conservationist thinking with a package that is durable and reusable.
Luxx: Luxury Products
The Luxx mobile application, created by Fragmob LLC, is an example of a direct selling corporation and the features of the Fragmob Accelerator mobile platform. These features are designed to allow direct sellers to grow, develop, and manage their own business. This mobile application was also designed to be modular, so it can be effective for any direct selling corporation’s needs regarding business and branding.
In collaboration with: Adam Pollock, Allison Fulster, Chris Calabrese, Christine Pomatto
Mingei International Museum
The rebranding of the Mingei International Museum was a case study done to help the museum find a new brand identity for it’s planned 2016 remodel by giving them a more contemporary look that would also set them apart from the other museums located in San Diego’s Balboa Park. Known for it’s large collection of folk art with anonymous or unknown artists, their mission statement “Art of the World, Art of the People” was the primary focus of developing our rebranding strategy.
In collaboration with: Maroon Behnam, Stephanie Katz, Cristine Prado